One Copywriting Framework That Will Improve Your Nonprofit Marketing's Persuasiveness

art of engagement copywriting Feb 01, 2023

Hopefully, as a nonprofit communicator, you understand the power of persuasive copywriting. Attracting more supporters and donors is key to growing your mission, and it's essential to have effective content that resonates with your audience. One copywriting model that nonprofits can use to create persuasive content is Problem-Agitate-Solution (PAS). Today, I want to explain the components of the PAS framework and how you can use it to improve your nonprofit's marketing messaging.

What Is The PAS Copywriting Framework?

PAS is a copywriting formula that helps guide an audience through a Problem, Agitate it to increase urgency, and then offer a Solution. P-A-S.

  • Problem
  • Agitate
  • Solution

This is a useful model for nonprofits because it helps to connect with readers on an emotional level and encourages them to take action, such as donating or volunteering.


How To Use PAS Copywriting For Your Nonprofit

Using PAS starts with outlining the problem. This can be a problem that your nonprofit is trying to solve or an issue that affects your target audience. It's important to address the problem in a way that resonates with your readers and illustrates the urgency of the situation. Your goal is to make them feel like something needs to be done and that your nonprofit is the best source to do it. Within The A.R.T. of Engagement, the Manifesto-worthy problem definition workshop helps crystalize this point.

After outlining the problem, it's time to agitate it. This means amplifying the urgency of the issue and connecting with readers on an emotional level. This can be done by providing facts, statistics, or stories that illustrate the issue. It's important to convey a sense of urgency and compassion to show that there is a pressing need for action. Related to StoryBrand, writing about the Internal Problem can help with this part.

Finally, the solution should be presented. This can be your nonprofit's mission, the programs, and services you provide, or other ways that your readers can get involved. It's important to make sure the solution is clear and concise and that it resonates with your audience. Ideally, you can use the signature IP framework created within the A.R.T. of Engagement process. You want to make sure that they understand how they can make the difference envisioned and how your nonprofit is the best avenue to help them do it.

P-A-S Copywriting In Action

Here's one concrete example of how I would apply the P-A-S approach to writing about what our team does for nonprofit leaders. I hope you can see for each step, how I am trying to articulate each dynamic of what we do for clients.

P-A-S Example 


Nonprofits are struggling to engage their audiences with meaningful content and build relationships that lead to conversions. They are unsure of how to create content that sets them up as the authority in their niche space, gets attention with relevant messaging, and is received as trustworthy by their core audiences.


Without the right content and an intentional content marketing strategy, nonprofits are missing out on crucial opportunities to connect with their core audiences and successfully generate conversions - to advocates, financial supporters, program participants, and more. Without the ability to engage and build relationships with the right audiences, nonprofits are unable to reach their goals and grow their impact. The result is staying the world's best-kept secret!


The A.R.T. of Engagement content marketing framework for nonprofits provides a step-by-step approach to establishing authority, demonstrating relevance, and building trust with audiences that will resonate with the mission of the organization. This 3-pillar approach with a ladder of 9 specific content marketing activities helps nonprofits create content with purpose so that they can cultivate a captivated, curious, and conversive audience.

Final Thoughts

PAS can be an effective copywriting model nonprofits use to create persuasive content that resonates with their audience.

By outlining a problem, agitating it to increase urgency, and then offering a solution, nonprofits can create content that encourages readers to take action.

As a nonprofit leader, using PAS can help you create more effective content that will help develop raving fans and co-laborers for your mission. This is just one part of our "Demonstrate Relevance" activities within the A.R.T. of Engagement™ process.

If you need help creating #ContentWithPurpose for your cause-driven organization, let's talk!

We'd love to share our approach to content strategy as well as our A.R.T. of Engagement Framework for creating content with purpose. Let us help take the guesswork out of marketing so you can connect with the right audiences.


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