8 Best Ways to Use “Link in Bio” On Instagram

instagram social media Aug 12, 2022
10 Best Ways to Use “Link in Bio” On Instagram

How do you make the most out of your link-in-bio?

Let’s think about the entire customer journey: from post, to caption, to profile, to your actual link, to your website. When you break it down like that, you’ll see that there are several steps your readers have to take before they reach the external page you’re directing them to. It’s important to make improvements at all of these stages to ensure the link-in-bio method pays off. 

Here are some easy ways to start:


1. Use sensory words like “Tap” or “Click”

We took a page out of a UX copywriter’s book for this one. Using sensory verbs like “Tap” or “Click” makes the experience more human.

“Tap the link in our bio to see more.”

As seen on: @newyorkercartoons


2. Include a compelling teaser or hook

Make sure your audience knows that what they see on their feed is just a slice of the whole pie. 

“Read more at Link in bio.”

As seen on: @desiringgod

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A post shared by Desiring God (@desiringgod)

“Watch the rest via the link in our bio.”


3. Include your handle in the caption itself

If people take the time to read your caption, reward them with an easy way to visit your profile, without having to scroll up to the top of your post. This works especially well for longer, blog-like captions.

“Click [insert your handle here]...”

As seen on: @kennyjahng 


4. Use emojis to draw attention

Emojis are a fantastic way to break up the text and emphasize your CTA. Have fun with them. The possibilities are endless!

“Get the 🔗​link🔗​ to join in our bio”

“Link is over at 👉​[insert your handle here]”

“🔍​Find out more via the link at [insert handle here]”

“👉 Listen now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or at the link in our bio.”

As seen on: @theunstuckgroup

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5. Don’t use the phrase ‘link in bio’ at all

When you refrain from using any of those 3 words, you’ll find more seamless ways to direct people to your profile. Here are some examples:

“Head to our profile to [insert action here]”

“Check it out at [insert your handle here]”

“Go sign up via [insert your handle here]”

“🔗 You can go to to find an investing Pro in your area.”

As seen on: @daveramsey 

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A post shared by Dave Ramsey (@daveramsey)


6. Make sure it’s the only CTA in the caption

Don’t ask your readers to do more than one thing at a time. It’s confusing.


7. Optimize your profile

When people arrive at your profile page, they have another opportunity to decide whether or not they’ll actually visit your site. In your bio section, be specific about why people should click through.

“Click below for more articles and tutorials”

“Visit our website to download free resources for [insert target audience] like you”

“Subscribe to our newsletter via the link below”

“Discover our NEW programs and initiatives!


As seen on: @ywcannj


8. Use a link-in-bio tool with analytics

Data is your friend. Use a link-in-bio platform that gives you detailed insights into your audiences behaviors, and then optimize your page accordingly. We like to use SkedLink (via SkedSocial) and Linktree for our clients.



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