How the StoryBrand Framework Can Help Your Nonprofit Organization

nonprofit marketing storybrand Nov 11, 2022
How the StoryBrand Framework Can Help Your Nonprofit Organization

In today's cluttered and noisy online world, it's more important than ever for nonprofit organizations to have a clear and compelling message. The good news is that a tried-and-true framework can help you create a message that cuts through the noise and resonates with your target audience.


It's called the StoryBrand framework, and it's helped some of the biggest brands in the world clarify their messaging. 


Here's why your nonprofit organization needs to take a closer look at the StoryBrand methodology. 


What is the StoryBrand Framework? 

Created by Donald Miller, the StoryBrand framework is based on the age-old principle that all great stories have seven elements: 

  1. A character 

  2. Has a problem 

  3. And Meets a guide 

  4. Who gives them a plan 

  5. And calls them to action 

  6. That helps them avoid failure 

  7. And ends in success. 

The Character (or protagonist) is your ideal customer or donor. 


The Problem is what they're trying to solve or achieve. 


The Guide is your organization—the one that has the solution they need. 


The Plan is what your target customer or donor needs to do (or give) to get what they want or achieve their goal. 


The Call to Action is what you want them to do next (donate, sign up for your email list, etc.). 


Finally, Failure represents what will happen if they don't take action, and Success means what will happen if they do. 


Why StoryBrand Works

The power of this framework lies in its ability to simplify complex messages into a single, easy-to-understand story that speaks directly to your ideal audience's most pressing needs and concerns. When done right, it can be incredibly effective for driving website visitors to take action. 


How Can My Nonprofit Use StoryBrand? 

The first step is to create a one-page document that outlines your organization's Unique Value Proposition (UVP). This document should include three sections: 


  • Core Values
  • Unique Solution
  • Proof Points. 


Core values are the beliefs that drive everything you do as an organization. They should be short (no more than 3-5 bullet points), clear, and easy for everyone on your team to remember and recite verbatim. 


Your Unique Solution is what makes your nonprofit stand out from all the others doing similar work—it's your secret sauce, so to speak. Be sure to include tangible proof points that back up any claims about your uniqueness. 


For example, if you claim "the most efficient food distribution system in town," be sure to include data or testimonials supporting that claim. 


Once you've created this document, claim your free StoryBrand placemat at This will help you map out the seven elements of your brand story.


Next, refer back to both of these documents often as you begin building or revising your website copy, social media posts, fundraising appeals, email newsletters, blog posts—really anything and everything related to marketing your organization online or offline! 


When in doubt about what message to communicate or how best to say it, always refer back to this document for guidance.  


We have helped many nonprofits increase their donor base and annual donations using the The StoryBrand framework. When you have a clarified message, you can ensure that every marketing message, appeal, and communication aligns with what makes your nonprofit unique and spurs action from donors.. 


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