7 Reasons Your Donors Stop Giving

donor management Nov 04, 2022
7 Reasons Your Donors Stop Giving

Does Your Post-Donation Process Need a Makeover?

If you're like most nonprofits, you're likely always looking for ways to increase donor retention and grow your donor base. 


But what about the donors who have already given to your organization? Why do they stop giving, and how can you keep them engaged? There are several reasons why donors might stop giving to your nonprofit. 


Here are seven of the most common reasons — 


Why Donors Stop Giving to Your Nonprofit



  • They don't feel appreciated. 


Donors want to know that their gifts are making a difference. They're likely to stop giving if they don't feel like their donations are being used effectively.


  • They're not being kept up to date. 


Donors want to know how their donations are being used and what impact they're having. If you don't keep them updated, they may feel like their gifts are going to waste.


  • They're not being asked. 


Donors want to be asked to give. If they do not hear from you regularly, they may assume you don't need their support and stop giving.


  • They've had a change in circumstances. 


Sometimes, donors simply have a change in circumstances that makes it difficult or impossible for them to continue giving. For example, they may lose their job or experience a financial setback.


  • They're not being engaged. 


Once a donor has given, it's essential to keep them engaged. This could mean sending updates on how their donations are being used, inviting them to events, or simply staying in touch.


  • They're not being thanked. 


A donor's first gift is just the beginning of a relationship. If they don't receive a thank-you or acknowledgment of their gift, they may feel unappreciated and stop giving.


  • They don't trust you. 


Donors need to trust that their donations are being used wisely. If they don't trust your organization, they will not likely give again.


4 Tips for a More Effective Post-Donation Process

The post-donation process is critical and will help you retain donors or convert first-time givers to recurring givers. 


Here are some vital things every nonprofit organization should do after someone donates. 



  • Send a thank-you email. 


This should be sent as soon as possible after the donation is made. Be sure to personalize the message and express appreciation for the donor's support.



  • Update your donor list. 


Make sure you add the donor to your mailing list so they can stay up-to-date on how their donations are being used.



  • Invite the donor to events. 


Whether it's a gala, volunteer event, or simply a tour of your facility, donors will appreciate being included. This is a great way to show them the impact of their gift and engage them in your work.



  • Stay in touch. 


Don't forget to keep in touch with donors even if they don't give again immediately. Send them updates on your work, invite them to meet-ups, and continue to thank them for their past support. 


By following these simple tips, you can improve donor retention and keep your donor base strong. 


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