How Using “Link in Bio” Increased Traffic From Instagram by 660%

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How Using “Link in Bio” Increased Traffic From Instagram by 660%

Instagram poses a unique challenge for marketers who want to direct people to their websites and blogs. Hyperlinks aren’t allowed in captions, so how do you plug your audiences into your brand’s ecosystem? 


Thus, the “link-in-bio” was born. Now, it’s rare to find a profile that doesn’t use this neat trick.


But it gets old, hearing a generic, lifeless, almost robotic “Link in bio” at the end of a caption. Then, there’s the issue of outdated or broken links on your links page, as well as finding out whether the whole thing actually even works. 


Asking your readers to leave the app or site that they’re on— especially one like Instagram— is a big deal. It’s important to treat this experience with care. Keep reading to find out how.

Okay, but is adding a link-in-bio to your profile still worth it?


The short answer is YES.


You may have heard some myths circulating online about how Instagram penalizes those who use the link-in-bio strategy— purportedly because it was taking people off the platform. Is it true? Let’s take a closer look.


Here’s the data from one of our client’s websites. Before we added a link to their bio section, only 0.03% of traffic to their website came from Instagram users.


Then we created a link-in-bio page, which directed audiences to more than just the website’s homepage. We shared links to blog articles, free resources, the shop, and more.


The results? The percentage of website users who came from Instagram jumped up to 1.98%! 


Referral traffic from Instagram increased significantly after the addition of the link in bio on our client’s Instagram profile.


In addition to increasing referral traffic, adding the line “link in bio” has been shown to improve a post’s reach and engagement. 


We can’t refute real numbers and data. The link-in-bio method works— and really well at that.


In our next article, we’ll share 10 specific best practices regarding using the “Link In Bio” tactic that helps drive this jump in traffic.





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