9 Must-Try Marketing Tools for Social Media

social media Sep 30, 2022
9 Must-Try Marketing Tools for Social Media

There’s always a lot to get done when you’re running social media: from content planning, writing posts and making videos, to scheduling, reviewing analytics and leading audiences to your website. Check out these fantastic apps that save you time and allow you to accomplish so much more with your social media strategy.


9 Must-Try Marketing Tools for Social Media

1. Lumen5

Video is the new black. This service auto-converts blogs and stories into short buzzfeed type videos.

- Kenny Jahng, @KennyJahng



2. Ripl

Allows you to create animated posts from your Phone. Perfect for when you're on the go!

- Kai Husen, @KaiHusen





3. MeetEdgar

To me sometimes Twitter seems like a chore… But MeetEdgar posts to Twitter (and all other platforms) automatically following the weekly calendar I set up!

- Brain Beauford, @MinistryLibrary


4. Wistia

Gating videos, embedding to landing pages, social sharing, stats!

- Anthony Coppedge, @anthonycoppedge



5. Cyfe

Cyfe has provided me with a customizable dashboard to monitor social media platforms, engagement and the flow of social to other digital platforms within our organization.

- Jason Caston, @jasoncaston 


I love this tool. This allows almost every platform to be integrated for complete data analysis across custom time periods. I work in a business setting, and therefore we have Cyfe pushing all social platforms, Google Analytics, Adwords, Bitly, Salesforce, etc. This helps us gain more insights under one screen.

- Will Henderson, @thewillhen




6. Pocket

Incredibly helpful when you need to bookmark content online and categorize it, especially when you can't get to it right away. Great cross-platform support. It also saves articles for offline preview.

- Jacek Obolewicz




7. Giphy

Gifs are really great for audience engagement, inspire laughter, perhaps a shared memory, or convey something that words alone cannot express.

- Jeanette Yates, @JnetteYates 




8. Sniply

I use to optimize my traffic every time. drops a banner at the bottom of curated content. This link could go to your landing page, blog post, etc.

- Jimmy the Gray, @jimgrayonline 



9. Airtable

It is a great tool for brainstorming, collecting and storing social media concepts to posts.

- Michael Persaud


Which tool piques your interest? Leave a comment below.

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