Get on Board: Why Your Ministry Can't Afford to Ignore Instagram Stories

instagram social media stories Jul 24, 2023

In our social media age, Instagram remains a powerful platform for nonprofits to visually connect with supporters.

But many Christian ministries overlook Instagram Stories in their strategy, missing out on the unique benefits.

Stories provide a spontaneous way to give followers an insider’s look into your ministry. The ephemeral format also drives higher engagement.

Let’s explore the key benefits of Stories for Christian ministries:

Creation and Workflow Benefits

- Stories are easy and quick to produce directly on your phone. Just snap a photo or shoot a short video to capture ministry happenings.

- You can embellish with text, animations, stickers, polls, and music without any design skills. Instagram provides templates and creative tools.

- The casual, real-time format results in authentic content without much editing required, saving your team time and resources.

- You can easily amplify your message by re-sharing public Stories from ministry partners, churches, staff, and volunteers.

Reach and Effectiveness Benefits

- Stories have prime real estate at the top of feeds for higher visibility to your followers.

- The temporary nature triggers a sense of urgency, driving more views, responses, and shares compared to regular posts.

- The immersive, full-screen Stories format commands more attention and interest from your audience.

- You can add links with clickable stickers to channel viewers to your website or donations page.

Tips to Maximize Your Ministry's Instagram Stories

Share Your Mission in Action

- Document volunteers building homes for families in need, packaging food for the hungry, praying with prison inmates, teaching job skills, etc. Show your mission happening!

- Thank supporters, churches, businesses, and foundations who fund your work by name with text or stickers.

- Spotlight dedicated staff and volunteers furthering your mission locally and globally. Recognize those donating time and talents.

Promote Events, Fundraisers, and Campaigns

- Create fun countdowns to your next gala, concert, fun run, or auction using stickers and text.

- Share urgent appeals for donations, supplies, or volunteers needed using eye-catching animations.

- Post FAQs, testimonies, venue details, and calls-to-action to drive event participation. Promote multiple times leading up to the date.

Engage Your Supporters

- Ask questions and poll followers to gain feedback using Instagram Polls and slider stickers. Learn about their interests and needs.

- Share relatable inspirational quotes, statistics, and Scriptures that resonate with your mission. Repost appreciative testimonials from those you've served.

- Recommend helpful books, films, albums, and resources from Christian creators that provide value for your audience.


Instagram Stories may seem like just another social feature, but dismissing it could be a costly oversight for your ministry's visibility. This category of content format drives engagement and provides a raw, authentic look into your mission.

Just point, shoot, embellish, and post. Unlike polished feed posts, Stories offer behind-the-scenes access supporters crave. Take them along for the journey in real-time. Nonprofits who hop on the Stories bandwagon now will gain a leg up on their competition and unlock a vital tool for their digital strategy. 

The question of the day is how can you embrace the spontaneity of Stories to advance your ministry?

We'd love to share our approach to content strategy as well as our A.R.T. of Engagement Framework for creating content with purpose. Let us help take the guesswork out of marketing so you can connect with the right audiences.


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