5 Proven Messaging Frameworks to Engage and Create a Raving Fans for Your Nonprofit's Mission

aida andy stanley communications frameworks rick warren simon sinek storybrand Jul 16, 2023

The world’s most valuable skill is communicating your mission effectively.

Are YOU awesome at it?

Lack of understanding of how to inspire and motivate keeps Christian leaders from nurtuing raving fans for their cause.

But it doesn't have to be that difficult or frustrating. . .

Here are 5 messaging frameworks that will save you dozens of painful hours trying to figure out how to engage your audiences. . . read on:


5 Communications Frameworks That Help You Inspire & Move People To Action

#1 Simon Sinek's Golden Circle

This completely changed the way I thought about leadership communication.

• Start With Why - make your purpose crystal clear

• Describe How - you fulfill your purpose

• Show the tangible What - that people can do to get involved


#2 AIDA Framework

Hang this up in your office somewhere—and reflect on it often.

• Attention - grab their interest

• Interest - highlight benefits

• Desire - make it appealing

• Action - motivate to act


#3 StoryBrand Framework

I consider this the Bible of clarifying your mission.

• Put the congregation/volunteer first

• Articulate the problem they want to help solve

• Position your org as the guide to meaningful service

• Provide clear steps to get involved


#4 Andy Stanley's Me We God Y'll Framework

Struggling to develop a memorable mission statement?

• ME - How does it relate to me personally?

• WE - How does it relate to us as a group?

• GOD - How does it fulfill God's purposes?

• Y'ALL - How does it serve others?


#5 Rick Warren’s Communication Process

Finally, this is how you inspire people to act:

• Pathos - appeal to the heart

• Logos - appeal to the mind

• Ethos - appeal to character and credibility

• Kairos - right place, right time


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