How to create an “About Us” section on your nonprofit’s Instagram profile

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How to create an “About Us” section on your nonprofit’s Instagram profile

If your nonprofit is on Instagram, here’s an idea for your Stories highlights section: create an ‘About Us’ highlight. 

Here’s how we did it for one of our clients:

1. Write an ‘About Us’ carousel

Write a series of slides that talks about the most important things people need to know about our nonprofit. You might as well make this a carousel and post it to your grid too— like we did. Feel free to follow this outline:

Slide 1: Title slide with your nonprofit logo

Slide 2: Your mission statement

Slide 3: Your tagline, or your website’s hero copy

Slide 4: Your vision statement

Slide 5-6: Details about what your nonprofit does (e.g. programs) or how you raise funds

Last Slide: Your website URL (with a call to action)



2. Resize the carousel for Stories

Use Canva’s Magic Resizing Tool to quickly change the 1080x1080 px images to the correct size for Instagram Stories (1080x1920 px).


3. Publish it to Stories and add stickers

Jazz up your Stories by adding GIFs or graphics wherever appropriate. This is something that’s much easier to do via Stories than on a grid post, so make the most out of it!

If your nonprofit partners with any other organization, use this chance to tag them via the Mention sticker. This helps give greater credibility to the work that you do, and provide potential donors a chance to visit their profiles. Plus, if your partners share your Story, it improves your reach.



4. Create a new highlight called ‘About Us’

After you’ve published your Stories, you can now add it to your highlights section. Here’s how:

  1. Go to your Instagram profile page

  2. Click on the “New” button in the highlights section

  3. Select the group of slides you just published

  4. Tap “Next”

  5. Set the first slide as your cover photo

  6. Name this Highlight as “About Us”

  7. Tap “Done”’


And you’re done!

 Here’s what it looks like on our client’s profile:

With this little hack, new or prospective followers and visitors to your Instagram account can learn about your organization without having to visit your website.


What else would you include in your Instagram’s highlights section?



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