7 Emails Every Email Nurture Sequence Needs

email marketing Oct 14, 2022
7 Emails Every Email Nurture Sequence Needs

Nurture Your Leads and Prospects with Email Sequences

If you're not using email nurture sequences to keep your leads and prospects warm, you're missing out on a huge opportunity to build relationships and close more deals. A solid email nurture sequence keeps you top-of-mind as your leads and prospects get closer and closer to saying "yes" to your products or services. 


We recommend year-long nurture sequences with 26-52 emails being sent out after the initial subscription sign-up. And the best thing? It can all happen automatically when we program them to fire automatically through MailChimp, Infusionsoft, etc. 


Here are seven emails every nurture sequence should include.


7 Email Sequence Examples to Nurture Your Leads and Prospects


1. The "Welcome" Email

With automation and technology changing how we do business, it's more important now than ever to make your emails as personalized as possible. Your welcome email should let subscribers know that you're thinking about them when sending out these messages - but also provide value first! The key thing with this initial outreach is making sure they feel like subscribed members of a community rather than just another customer who happens upon an offer online or through word-of-mouth.


2. The "Problem" Email

Always be sure that your nurture sequence includes a call back to the problem that you solve. This is a great chance to show off how well-equipped, knowledgeable, and solution-driven you are with your products or services. Don't forget about specific examples! Grab testimonials and statements from people who've used your products and services before; after all, previous clients help prospects trust you enough to purchase. 


3. The "Solution" Email

This email in your nurture sequence should focus on what you have to offer. This is a great chance for potential customers and clients alike, as they get the opportunity to see just how much value there really could be with using this service or product! Be sure that any pricing information includes all current promotions- because if it's not, someone might miss out big time (especially given these days where everyone wants everything now).


4. The "What's in it for them?" Email

In this email, it's all about the benefits of your products or services. What pain points are you solving? How will your leads and prospects be better off after working with you? This is the email where you really sell the value of what you're offering.


5. The "Case Study" Email

Here, you’ll want to showcase how you've helped other companies or individuals achieve success. This could be a case study, testimonial, or even a quick story about someone who's seen great results from working with you. 


6. The "Free Sample" Email

In this email, you want to provide something of value for free. This could be a downloadable PDF, an e-book, or even just a helpful template or checklist. Whatever it is, make sure it's something that will be truly useful for your leads and prospects. 


7. The "Urgency" Email 

You want to create a sense of urgency around working with you in this email. Why should your leads and prospects take action now? This is where limited-time offers come into play, so consider running a special promotion or discount for anyone who takes action within a certain timeframe. 

An effective sales nurture sequence can mean the difference between closing a deal and losing out to a competitor. By including these seven types of emails in your sequence, you'll be able to build relationships, keep yourself top-of-mind, and close more deals than ever before. 


Ready to get started? Contact us today, and we'll help you create a custom email nurture sequence that's tailored to your specific business needs.

We'd love to share our approach to content strategy as well as our A.R.T. of Engagement Framework for creating content with purpose. Let us help take the guesswork out of marketing so you can connect with the right audiences.


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